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We are not born writers, you must become one. And you must continue to become a writer as long as you write. You are always evolving and learning how to write.

For the past ten years, I have been becoming a writer. And have dreamed of being a successful author. But I have been plagued by perfectionism, procrastination for fear of failing, self doubt and self sabotage. Now I'm taking action by putting myself out-there. Making this blog my accountability partner.

On this blog, I will use journaling and personal development strategies to finally overcome all the things that have held me back--mainly just me myself.

                 Like the peacock I will spread
                                my feathers

Questions I'll Be Asking Myself

Success is my ultimate goal. Success in 
life and in writing. To start I must map out 
goals and an action plan that will give me 

This will ensure that I have success in 
how I can go about changing my life with 
journaling and personal development 
strategies. In this plan I will need to cover 
all the aspects of my life. 

1. Who Am I

This is the starting point. I need to figure 
out who I am right now. To gain insights 
into my life, I need to look closely at my 
values, beliefs and principles. 
I will also reflect on my experiences to 
gain insights into my good and bad traits, 
skills, strengths and weaknesses.

2. Who Do I Want To Be

“Who do I want to be?” This is my vision.
It is important that I know myself so that I 
get a clear idea of who I want to be. And 
the things I want to change in my life. 
Whether they are attitudes, beliefs and/or 
habits. If I don't know myself, then my 
vision and goals for the future will not be 
clear. I will cover all the aspects of my 
being: emotional, intellectual, spiritual 
and physical. 

3. My Mission 

Like the above, my mission will depend 
on what I know about myself. It is my 
purpose. And I will have more than one. 
Including not just life but also for this blog,
my journaling blog, my writing career, my 
relationships, my home, my learning and 
the classes I take, ect.

4. My Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes

Throughout my life I have acquired my 
own unique knowledge, skills and 
attitudes. These determine my 
competence and help in attaining my 

vision. I need to assess what knowledge, 
skills and attitudes I have presently and 
what I need to gain to obtain success. 
This two-fold assessment will give clues 
to the goals I need to make and How I 
can measure or track my success. 

5. Anticipate Obstacles

The purpose of my plan is to minimize 
hasty decisions that can make me lose 
my way. I will identify any possible 
roadblocks--inconveniences, delays  and 
other situations beyond my control. Then
I brainstorm possible ways of overcoming
the obstacles. And finally, adjust my goals 
and plans accordingly.
6. S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Like taking a road trip, in planning out my
life, I will need to have landmarks. These will 
be my goals or objectives. My goals must 
be specific, measurable, attainable, 
realistic and time bound. They will give me 
direction. And tell me if I have been 
successful along the way. For this to
happen I must write out my goals and do 
reviews to see what is working and what 
needs to be adjusted.
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