Sunday, August 5, 2018

The Reason I Need to Declutter My Life

Charlie-Looking Sleek
The reasons for decluttering your home are as varied as the people in the world. Many do not have a lot of junk, but they need to know how to organize and have a place for all their stuff. 

Josielynn-Sitting Pretty

I have always made excuses for not decluttering and organizing, but recently I had a terrible nightmare. Back in 2009, we had a house fire because of an electrical cord. After over 30 years of accumulating stuff, I walked out of that fire with my glasses, phone, Beatles t-shirt and panties. 

Hope-Guarding The Food

A week or so ago I had a dream that all the books and papers I have hoarded in the upstairs of our house caught on fire. I couldn’t get my dog, Josielynn and two cats, Charlie and Sunshine out. I Stared through the flames, watching them, MY BABIES! Pace back and forth, trying to find a way out. I woke up crying and shaking to my core. 

Heidi-Cutest on the Block
I had just chalked it up to another bad dream (I have lots), until a few nights ago my sister-in-law, Heather, said a sentence that caused me to have Deja vu. She had told me the same exact thing in a dream a week before, in the same exact location and circumstances. 

Mika-Thinking About What to Think About

Now this is not a first for me. I’ve had several dreams come true in my life. I’ve also been having a lot of déjà vu moments recently. 

This all has caused me to act. I have no kids. My pets are my babies. If I had to move and they said I couldn’t take my pets, I would settle for a lower quality home, so I could keep them. Many of you know what I mean. 

Sunshine (on right)-With Her Beloved Mom Cat Angel

Finally, last night my brother said he may want the attic back. That was the last sign the universe needed to send me. I got up today, started making goals, planning, writing and working on small sections of my hallway. 

There are many great reasons to declutter and organize your home. However, some are more direr than others.  

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